Wine’O Bottle Bag

A paper bag is not what you want to carry a bottle of booze around in if you are hoping to make a good impression. It’s usually what you’ll see someone concealing a 40 in when they don’t want to get in trouble for drinking while standing out on the sidewalk in front of a liquor store. But with the Wine’O Bottle Bag from Fred, you’ll make a very different impression. This is an insulated bag made of synthetic paper that will look like a “real” paper bag but will actually keep your drink – whether it’s a 40, a bottle of chardonnay or a bottle of bourbon – nice and cold while you transport it.¬†Unlike a regular paper bag, which will not hold up well with an ice cold drink inside, this bag is reusable. You’ll make quite an entrance at parties when you arrive with one of these in your hand, especially if the bottle that you’re bringing is intended to be a gift for your host or hostess.

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