What is Orange Blossom Water?

_DSC4284Orange blossom water, also known as orange flower water, is a liquid aromatic that is made with the same oranges used to make marmalade, bitter or Seville oranges. There are two types of orange blossom water – French and Middle Eastern – but both have a similar flowery orange flavor and smell. Both are best used in small doses. The Middle Eastern variety is typically used to flavor traditional desserts. The French variety often has even more of a floral, perfume quality to it. It is also used to flavor desserts, such as financiers and madeleines, but it is also used to add a unique aroma to cocktails. A few drops can bring a strong and slightly exotic aroma to a drink. It is a great ingredient to work with, especially if you are a citrus fan, but overuse will result in the orange blossom water completely dominating the other flavors you’re working with and may even give a cocktail a slightly soapy quality instead of a floral one.

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