VodkaZinger makes muddling easy

Vodka ZingerMuddling releases the natural oils and juices from herbs and berries and is an easy way to introduce some intense flavors into a drink. The problem with muddling is that you really have to do it one drink at a time for maximum effect. This isn’t a problem if you’re hand-making drinks at a bar, but when you’re having a party and need to serve a crowd, it gets to be a bit time consuming. The VodkaZinger is a gadget that speeds up the process considerably. The double-walled thermos has a large infusion chamber beneath it. You put your citrus, berries and/or herbs in the base and twist it on to the thermos. As you do, blades grind the ingredients and release their flavors and juices. Once the bottom is in place, you can fill the thermos with up to 20-oz of spirits, which will mix with the strongly flavored juices but not the solids contained in the infusion chamber.

It’s easier to use than it may sound at first, and since it effectively allows you to muddle for up to 10 drinks at a time – and that is a time saver for entertaining.

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