Vinegars give new flair to cocktails

Drinking VinegarVinegar may not sound like something that you want to drink on a regular basis, but if you’ve ever had a high quality aged balsamic vinegar you know that they can be potent and delicious. Another type of vinegar, known as “drinking vinegar,” is making a splash on the cocktail scene. These potentĀ vinegarsĀ are infused with fruits, spices and/or herbs, and give bartenders a new tool to add some extra dimension to cocktails. The vinegar adds some acid to drinks – in the same way that citrus, the most commonly added acid, does – and is a good contrast to the alcohol, and the flavors infused in the vinegar are an added bonus, since there is a lot more variety than you’d find from citrus alone.

Vinegar, usually diluted with water, is often consumed to aid digestion in Asian cultures, so it should be no surprise that many vinegar cocktails first appeared in restaurants with Asian or Asian-inspired menus. As they get more popular, however, they are working their way into more classic cocktails in place of citrus and bitters in some recipes.

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