Vegas nightclub pours $1500 and $2000 drinks for big spenders

Cocktails from "Light" in LVIn most places, customers often about the price of the drinks they’re being served, even if they’re requesting premium spirits in them. Las Vegas is the opposite, and a place where people feel that buying extremely expensive drinks is just another way to indulge and have a good time. The new Las Vegas nightclub Light at Mandalay Bay is happy to provide customers with a way to splurge with a couple of very expensive drinks designed “with big spenders in mind.”

The $1,500 City of Lights includes Hennessy Paradis Imperial, Bulleit Rye, Cocchi Barolo Chinato and Benedictine with dashes of both Peychaud’s bitters and Angostura bitters, served over “diamond ice” and garnished with a strip of orange peel.

The $2,000 My Cherry Amor includes Grey Goose Cherry Noir, Grand Marnier Cherry and lemon juice shaken together, then topped with Dom Perignon Rose and strained into a champagne flute, then garnished with a Luxardo cherry and a lemon twist.

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