Tommy Gun Vodka inspires controversy

Tommy Gun VodkaBehind the bar in a commercial establishment, you’ll see trusted brands and traditional bottles, but the liquor store is a different story. Liquor stores are packed with bottles with imaginative labels and unusually shaped bottles that all try to tempt you into giving them a try. I don’t usually give in to a fancy bottle alone, but I would make an exception for Tommy Guns Vodka, which is available in a glass bottle that is a fun replica of a real Tommy gun. This would look great on my home bar as a nod to the prohibition era – and it’s much safer to have around than the real thing.

But like the original Tommy gun, this vodka has stirred up some controversy. Saeilo Enterprises, a manufacturing company that owns gun-maker Auto-Ordnance, manufacturer of actual Tommy guns, has filed suit against the vodka company because they didn’t have permission to use the look of its iconic product. They want the remaining bottles of vodka destroyed, but time will tell where the lawsuit goes and if I can get my hands on one, I will.

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  1. uaskigyrl at 1:38 pm

    Destroyed?! Such a waste. If they win, I hope that the court just makes them cease building the bottle but able to sell the remaining bottles.

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