Tasting Tuesday: W. L. Weller 12 Year Bourbon

W. L. Weller 12 Year Bourbon

Bourbons that are made with straight wheat, rather than with rye or with a combination of the two, are known for being smooth and easy to drink. W. L. Weller 12 Year Old Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon is certainly no exception. The first thing that you’ll notice is that the bourbon has a deep caramel color to it – much darker than the slightly less expensive W.L. Weller Special Reserve. In fact, the color is noticeably darker than many other bourbons around this price point, and the color definitely implies that you’re going to find a depth of flavor once you open the bottle. This bourbon has a great aroma to it, with plenty of fruity apple and pear notes, buttery caramel flavors and with a warm oak and vanilla undertone. It reminded me of apple pie in a way – a way that also smelled of alcohol, of course.

The bourbon was a bit sweeter than I expected it to be, since some of those fruity aromas also came through in the bourbon and cut right through the vanilla and oak flavors that give it so much body. It is very rich tasting, with a somewhat thick, syrupy consistency to it. This was especially noticeable when I compared it to some lighter bodied boubons, like Bulleit. It is smooth, easy to sip and a warm, slow finish.

Worth another round? I like the flavor of this bourbon, but I need to be in the mood to drink it because of that thick, almost syrupy body. That said, it cuts very well with a chunk of ice and, since the ice thins the bourbon a little bit, I don’t mind taking my time drinking while the ice melts. Still, it is good and definitely offers something a little bit different than other bourbons, which means that I get a little bit more variety with this in my liquor cabinet.

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