Tasting Tuesday: Templeton Rye

Tasting Tuesday: Templeton Rye
Templeton, Iowa was known as a hotspot for rye whiskey production during Prohibition. Al Capone’s favorite drink was said to be rye from Templeton. Known as “the good stuff” at the time, rye faded into the background as prohibition passed and Templeton was no longer a hotspot for whiskey production. Templeton Rye is said to be based on an old, Prohibition-era recipe that is similar to that which was favored by Capone himself.

If the flavor really is close to what the famous gangster used, it’s not surprising that it had a lot of fans.The rye smells like brown sugar and honey, sweet and smooth. It tastes slightly spicy, like cloves and allspice, and pleasantly sweet and malty at the same time. You also get undertones of toasted cedar and leather that help give this rye a balanced, full bodied flavor. It has a velvety texture to it that contributes to its long, slow finish that has just the right touch of heat.

Worth another round? This is a smooth, easy to drink rye. The flavors are assertive, but they’re not aggressive. I really enjoy this rye in a Manhattan, and it’s also a rye that I might use to introduce a scotch or bourbon fan to rye. I enjoy sipping it neat, though I notice I always drink it a bit faster than I intend to, since its finish has an addictive quality to it that makes me want more as soon as it fades.

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