Tasting Tuesday: Rudo Reposado Tequila

Rudo Reposado Tequila

I know a lot of people who drink whiskey and scotch. I know fewer people who sip tequila the same way, though there are many tequila options out there that are made to be high-end sipping tequilas that shouldn’t be mixed into a margarita. Rudo Reposado Tequila is an award-winning tequila that is designed to be sipped, though it has a very reasonable price tag, and packs a lot of flavor into each bottle.

In full disclosure, the bottles were part of the reason that I was attracted to this tequila brand initially. The bottles are designed with a luchador theme  and have Mexican wrestling masks as stoppers. The brand is built around two luchador characters, Rudo and Tenicio. Their names come from the two oft-featured characters of Mexican wrestling: the technicians (or técnicos) and the rude ones (or rudos), also known as the good guys and the bad guys. The Rudo tequilas are designed to be a little bit more “in your face” with their bold flavors, and the Reposado fits into this mold nicely. You pick up bold citrus and lime flavors on first sip, followed by bell peppers and a sweet agave flavor. There is some spice – some might say “burn” – from that initial hit of pepper, but it fades quickly and the finish is smooth and clean. 

Worth another round? Tequila drinkers won’t be disappointed with this tequila. It has an interesting, complex flavor and it is smooth enough to sip before or after a meal. If you’re a margarita drinker looking to expand your horizons, this is also a good place to start because the flavors are easy to identify and very approachable. I won’t tell if you end up putting this into a margarita, either, since its citrus notes are a natural fit with fresh lime. Plus, I’m a sucker for the fun bottles and like how they look on my bar, so after getting one, I am tempted to go back for the set.

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