Tasting Tuesday: Larceny Bourbon

Larceny Bourbon
Larceny is a bourbon that I’ve seen at some well-stocked liquor stores, but don’t see too often in the “wild” unless it is at a bar that specializes in whiskey or a bar where the bartender/owner happens to be a fan. Coincidentally, I’ve seen it behind the bar several times in the past couple of weeks – a fact that pleasantly surprised me each time it happened. Larceny is a wheated bourbon that is made by Heaven Hill, the makers of Evan Williams Bourbon. Larceny is made with a blend of six to twelve year-aged barrels, so it has some great depth and a really approachable flavor.

On the nose, Larceny smells sweet and rich, like caramelized brown sugar and vanilla, with just a hint of spice thrown in. Some spirits can get a bit aggressive in your nose if you take too deep of a whiff, but that is not the case for Larceny. You could pretty much smell it all day. The sweetness comes through when you take a sip, as well, and you’re going to taste dark caramel, oak and spice. The flavors all come on quite strongly at first, but mellow quickly into a very long, smooth finish that leaves you with a hint of spice. It is very easy to drink and almost anyone could enjoy this served neat, straight out of the bottle – I do.

Worth another round? For me, Larceny is definitely worth another round. I happen to be a fan of its rich sweetness and really enjoy drinking it. It is drinkable right out of the bottle and very smooth – so smooth that I prefer to drink it neat instead of with ice, or mixed into a cocktail where you might lose some of that intensity of flavor. That being said, I feel it would work extremely well in fall and winter cocktails – the kind where you find apple cider, pear and heady spices – where the bourbon could actually amplify those flavors.

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