Tasting Tuesday: Jim Beam Maple

Tasting Tuesday: Jim Beam Maple
I am a big fan of maple in just about any form. That is what attracted me to Tap 357 and that is what drew me to Jim Beam Maple, as well. Jim Beam Maple is a maple infused whiskey that Jim Beam released just a few months ago and is becoming much more common in stores in my area. Opening the bottle, you really smell maple before you even smell the whiskey. In fact, it smells a little bit like buttered pancakes – in a good way. The whiskey itself is sweet and the maple flavor is powerful. You get hints of the spicy whiskey underneath the maple, which keeps the spirit from tasting too sweet, but maple, caramel, butter and vanilla are all at the forefront here.

This is a simple spirit, clearly maple flavored and not too complex. That said, it really delivers exactly what it promises on the label and drinkers looking for a maple flavored beverage will not be disappointed one bit.

Worth another round? Definitely. While it might be a touch sweet for some whiskey fans, the maple flavor is addictive and I could drink this on its own all night long. I think it is even better for building cocktails, because it provides a nice base sweetness and a strong enough maple flavor to stand up to other ingredients. Maple Old Fashioned, anyone?

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