Tasting Tuesday: FEW American Gin

Tasting Tuesday: FEW American Gin
FEW American Gin is a unique gin that is produced in the United States, a very modern style of gin that delivers a different tasting experience than you’ll find in a traditional London Dry. It is made using white whiskey, also known as white dog, as a base instead of the neutral spirits that are typically used as the base for gin. White whiskey is similar to neutral spirits in looks, but instead of being a blank canvas, you can think of it as an off-white canvas for flavors. You can taste the grain notes in it that will eventually become more pronounced as the whiskey is aged, which you wouldn’t be able to do in a completely neutral spirit. What this means for FEW is that you get a subtle toasted note to the gin that amplifies flavors like vanilla and gives the gin a rounder, smoother feel.

In addition to vanilla, you’ll also taste plenty of lemon peel and get a hint of that toasted lemon oil scent that comes when you flame a citrus peel over a drink. Juniper is pronounced, but it doesn’t dominate these softer flavors. The finish is very smooth, very clean and very refreshing, with a light herbal aftertaste that is much milder than some of the more juniper-forward gins. It’s excellent and really stands apart from other gins.

Worth another round? Definitely. I’m a big fan of the smooth botanicals in this gin, which are easy to identify and versatile enough to go with all kinds of other flavors. It’s exceptionally refreshing when you compare it to London Dry – when you’re tasting them straight – and its unique flavor profile brings a lot of complexity to any cocktail that you might want to use it in. It is also a gin that will win over friends who aren’t usually gin drinkers, and that is always a plus in my book.

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