Supermarket Scotch Wins Top Spirit Award

Lidl's Queen Margot 8 Year Blended Scotch WhiskySupermarkets all over the world have their own house-brand products, products that they are able to sell to consumers at a lower price than some of the more recognizable brand names. Sometimes these products are of average quality, and other times they offer a fantastic deal because they are made by high end producers. This week, a store-brand Scotch from the German discount supermarket chain Lidl won a “gold outstanding medal” at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC). Lidl’s Queen Margot 8 Year Blended Scotch Whisky sells for just over $22 a bottle and outscored many Scotches that sell for more than double the price. It might have been a small blow to the egos of Scotch-lovers who assume that they’re always getting a better product because they’ve paid more for it, but it was a huge win for Lidl, as well as for other supermarkets that are seeking to promote their house brands.

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