Stone Drink Dispenser

Stone Drink DispenserMeasuring spirits for a drink by sight or pouring the perfect shot is a skill that takes some practice and a very confident hand on the part of the bartender. They’re helped by the fact that most bottles of spirits in bars have pour spouts, which allow the bottles to be filled and poured from easily. At home, most of us don’t use pour spouts on our bottles and getting those measurements can involve some splashes and drips. A neater way to serve spirits – and a very cool way to display them – comes in the form of this Stone Drink Dispenser. The granite dispenser has a stainless steel spigot attached to it. It holds one bottle of the spirit of your choice and will dispense as much or as little as you need using the attached stone lever.

The dispenser is perfect if you’re entertaining and want to make multiple drinks in one evening. It’s not really intended for long-term bottle storage (in part because porous granite could soak up a bit of your spirits and allow some of the alcohol to evaporate from the bottle), so you might want to take the bottle out and cap it at the end of the evening.

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