Spooky Skull Ice Cubes to Chill Halloween Drinks

skulliceGood ice is essential for making a great drink, whether you’re using crushed ice to keep a fruity drink cold or an extra large ice sphere to add just the right amount of water to you’re favorite scotch. Ice doesn’t have to be boring and Halloween is the perfect excuse to have a little bit of fun with your drinks by infusing some creepiness into them. You can make spooky skull ice cubes in all different shapes and sizes with these great molds:

Fred’s Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray is a silicone ice cube tray that has skull and crossbone shapes in it. You fill it up just like a standard ice cube tray and the shapes will pop right out thanks to the flexible mold once they’re frozen solid.

Fred’s The Chiller makes a large skull that will rival those premium ice spheres. The smiling skull is about 2 inches in diameter. Since it is so large, it does take a while to freeze, so you’ll need to make it the night before you want to use it.

Gamago’s Ice Skull Mold makes a large skull similar to The Chiller, but with a more angular and stylized shape to the skull. IT has a flat bottom, so the mold will sit upright in the freezer without leaking as it freezes.

Wilton’s Halloween Skulls Ice Cube Tray is a great choice if you need a lot of skulls for multiple drinks, since the mold will make 15 skulls at a time. The skulls won’t take too long to freeze if you start with cold water, and you can fill up a big bowl for a party in no time.

Wilton’s Skull Pan is actually a large, nonstick cake pan that will make a very large skull. This is ideal for Halloween parties where you have a big punch bowl to chill. The giant skull will float creepily in your punch for a long time, adding atmosphere while serving a practical purpose.

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