Sonic Foamer, The Beer Aroma Booster

Sonic Foamer

Most of the flavor of beer comes from the aromas that are released when you pour beer into a glass. If you take a whiff from your glass immediately after it is poured, you’ll really be able to pick up many of the flavors that are unique to that particular beer, and that will enhance your tasting experience. As your beer sits, however, the aroma will taper off sharply and you won’t get that same blast of flavor that you did on the first sip. A gadget called the Sonic Foamer can boost the aroma in your beer so that you get more flavor in each sip and have a better tasting experience overall.

The Foamer works in much the same way as an etched beer or champagne glass: by creating bubbles. Simply add some water (and batteries) to the Foamer, place your glass on top and turn it on to unleash a fresh surge of bubbles and aromas. The difference between the Foamer and the etched glasses is that the Foamer doesn’t reduce the carbonation in your beer, so it will still remain nicely carbonated until you’re finished drinking it. It’s a neat way to make your favorite beers even more delicious when you’re enjoying them at home.

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