Skeleton Bones Drink Stirrers

Wilton Skeleton Bones Drink Stirrers
It can be hard to dress up a drink for Halloween without going over-the-top and turning your drink into something that looks like it is about to be entered in a costume contest. Of course, there are times when you simply need a severed finger to garnish your drink or a flaming jack o’ lantern will give it just the right finishing touch. For the times when you want to be a bit more subtle about things, I highly recommend these Skeleton Bones Drink Stirrers that Wilton put out for the season. The stirrers include both long femur-type bones and ghoulish bone arms in ghastly green. They can be used to stir drinks, to swizzle drinks (the hand in particular is excellent as a swizzle) or simply to give them a touch of Halloween spirit before serving. They’re made of thick plastic and are sold in sets of 9. I’d get a couple packs before any upcoming Halloween parties, since these are the types of drink garnish that people will love so much they’ll take them home with them and you’ll probably run out long before the night is over.

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