MillerCoors launches Bourbon-Flavored Beer

Miller Fortune, a bourbon-flavored beer

Bourbon and whiskey are increasingly popular, especially on the craft cocktail scene, and MillerCoors was looking for a way to lure more of those bourbon drinkers back to beer. They came up with the idea for a bourbon-flavored beer and launched Miller Fortune. The beer boasts an alcohol content of 6.9%, higher than most MillerCoors beers, and a very unique flavor profile inspired by Jack Daniels and Maker’s Mark. It is being packed in angular black bottles that are “evoke a guy in a tapered, athletic-cut suit” (presumably a regular spirits drinker, not a beer drinker).

Miller is aiming for a wide, fast launch for this newest product and they want to see it in bars, as well as in stores. This means that you just might see it displayed prominently in a place where Coors is on tap. They’re asking bartenders to serve the drink in cocktail glasses to set it apart from other beers and make it stand out as a premium product and mark it as something that, hopefully, bridges the gap between beer and spirits for drinkers.

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