Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford Cocktail

Mary Pickford was a huge movie star in the early 1900s, primarily starring in and producing silent films where she wowed audiences with her charm, good looks a signature curls. She was beautiful, but she was smart and strong, able to take control of her own career and tackle challenges that, at the time, were out of reach for many women in Hollywood. Like the woman that this cocktail is named after, the Mary Pickford is a beautifully-colored cocktail that has become a classic. The post-prohibition cocktail is made with a combination of rum, pineapple juice, maraschino liqueur and grenadine. The grenadine gives a pretty blush to the drink and adds enough sweetness to support the pineapple juice and keep it from being overwhelmed by the potent maraschino liqueur. The drink is smooth and has just the right hint of fruitiness to it, disguising the fact that this cocktail packs a bit of a punch.

Puerto Rican white rums tend to be very straightforward rums, about to work with many different flavor profiles. Bacardi is a natural option when you’re looking for a light, Puerto Rican rum, but you can also use Don Q. If you want to branch out, white rums from other countries will add a bit of texture to your drinks and keep things interesting because you’ll be able to pick out some of their subtleties in this cocktail.

Mary Pickford CocktailGlassware: Coupe
Method: Shake

1 1/2 oz. Light Puerto Rican Rum
1 1/2 oz. Pineapple Juice
Dash Maraschino
1 Tsp. Grenadine

Pour all of the ingredients into a mixing glass and fill with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled coupe.

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