Make-Your-Own Gin Kit

Gin Kit

Bathtub gin is a term that arose during the prohibition. Since gin was the most popular spirit of the era, it was a blanket term that described all of the homemade spirits – i.e. moonshine – that people tried to brew up at home. You can still try to make gin in your bathtub, but it is a little more civilized to start with a Make-Your-Own Gin Kit instead.

The kit includes juniper berries, spices and other botanicals that will enable you to paint vodka (not included!) like a blank canvas and turn it into a masterpiece that suits your own personal taste. It takes about 36 hours to infuse one of the two included glass bottles with your choice of flavorings. Start with the smaller of the two bottles – one is 250ml and the other is 500ml – to run your test batch. If you haven’t mixed your own gin before (and that would be most of us), take the time to really smell those botanicals first. Those aromas will tell you a lot about how the finished gin will taste, so if one item dominates the others, you might want to tone it back in your first blend. Check the mixture after 24 hours to gauge the strength of the infusion before letting it stand for 36 hours.

Once your gin has been infused, you’re ready to mix up your own custom blend martinis or gin and tonics that will be unlike anything you can buy at the store.

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