Make Your Own Fruit Keg

Make Your Own Melon Keg

Summer may be coming to a close, but we’re having a heat wave in Southern California and I am still thinking about ice cold beverages and things that will make the heat a little more bearable. I know that I could lure people out even on the hottest day if I tapped a Fruit Keg at an end-of-summer party. The Fruit Keg Tapping Kit includes a shank and faucet combination that can be inserted into your favorite melon or gourd – properly prepared, of course – to turn it into a unique gravity-fed “keg” that is sure to be a hit at any celebration. To prepare your melon, you need to trim one end of it to create a level base. Once it will stand on its own, you can hollow it out, just as you would do if you were craving a jack-o-lantern. Be sure to save the flesh for juicing or turning into fruit salad. Next, use the coding tool that comes with the kit to make a tap-sized hole for your faucet to fit through, then you can fill the melon up with the punch of your choice. I recommend a fruity rum punch of some kind, if you’re working with a melon, and a spicy bourbon drink if you’re going with a fall-themed pumpkin keg.

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