Kentucky Mulled Cider

Kentucky Mulled Cider
When it is cold outside, few things sound as good as a glass of hot, Mulled Apple Cider, particularly when I am comfotably enjoying the heat of a blazing fireplace while watching bad weather through the window. Only one thing can make that apple cider better and that is a little bit of bourbon. Bourbon and apples are a great fit in may drinks, and a spiked cider is no exception. Adding a splash of bourbon makes the drink a little bit warmer and a little bit more warming to drink. Bulleit is one of my favorite bourbons at the moment and its smooth, oaky flavor goes extremely well with the cider, but you can use your own favorite bourbon if you don’t have a bottle of Bulleit handy.

This is the kind of drink that I like to treat myself with and enjoy hot. It is still good cold and can make a great holiday punch for a party if you want to mix up a big batch instead of one serving at a time.

_DSC5596Glassware: Irish Coffee Mug
Method: Build

1 1/2 oz. Bourbon
Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Heat an Irish coffee mug and pour in the Bourbon. Fill with hot mulled apple cider and garnish with a cinnamon stick.




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