Johnnie Walker gets darker with Double Black

Johnnie Walker Double BlackJohnnie Walker Black Label has been a favorite of whisky lovers since 1909, when the smoky whiskey first debuted. It is so popular that Johnnie Walker has been working on an even stronger, more flavorful version of it for the past ten years – and the result was Johnnie Walker Double Black. This whiskey is darker in color than the original Black, which is the base of this blend. It still has the cream and vanilla notes of the classic Black, but has a more intense smoky flavor to it. That flavor comes from a higher percentage of Islay single malts, which are known for their distinctive smokiness that develops from the peat fuel used to dry the  malted barley it is made from.

Double Black has been available at some duty free stores, but will now be available in a much wider release and easy for whiskey fans to find at their favorite liquor stores.

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