Japanese Brewers Promote New Shandies for Summer


A shandy is a summertime drink that is made by combining beer and lemonade, sometimes using real lemonade and sometimes using a carbonated drink like Sprite or 7-UP. The idea is that it is lighter, more refreshing and less alcoholic (so you can cool down with more of them) than a beer alone. Asian beers are typically great for making shandies, since they are very light beers and blend well with the soda/lemonade additions. Japanese brewers are now starting to see the potential of the shady and are promoting it as a refreshing summer cocktail to enjoy – with a few twists on the classic recipe.

Kirin recommends combining Ichiban Shibori with cassis, lemon liqueur, grape juice or even stout. Asahi is promoting one of its beers to be mixed with lemon and mint then served in a specially chilled glass with ice. Asahi is also promoting a drink made with its flagship Asahi Super Dry and Calpis, a popular fermented milk drink (which you can get at Asian markets, if you want to try it yourself).

These twists on shandies make more sense with lighter Japanese beers than they might with other types of lager and they could be fun to play around with at home if you’re not planning a trip to Japan anytime this summer.

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