Gift Idea: Whisky Advent Calendars for Whisky Lovers

Gift Idea: Whisky Advent Calendars for Whisky Lovers
Advent calendars are special calendars that are used to count down the days until Christmas. The most popular kind involve a small prize or candy behind a door, and there are 24 to look forward to before Christmas day. I’ve seen many chocolate advent calendars, but the idea of a Whisky Advent Calendar sounds a lot more appealing to me. Master of Malt offers two different versions – a regular Whisky Advent Calendar and a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar – that allow whisky-lovers to enjoy a taste of high quality whiskies every day for almost a month (at which point you’ll, hopefully, be able to unwrap a whole bottle of something delicious).

Both calendars are packed with two dozen 3cl bottles of whisky (that’s about an ounce per day) and they include a wide variety of premium whiskies from around the world, from Scotland to Japan. It’s a fun way really sample an assortment that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The regular calendar is about $250, while the premium calendar comes in around $400 and includes some whiskies that you won’t easily be able to find anywhere else.

They’re a fantastic gift leading up to the Christmas holiday, but they also make a great gift for Christmas, if you don’t mind opening your advent doors beginning on December 26th.

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