Gift Idea: Shot Flask

Shot Flask
A flask is a nice way to take your favorite spirit or drink out with you. You can take it out while you’re waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square on a frigid New Year’s Eve or pop it in your bag to take with you to celebrate with friends. They’re elegant and easier to carry around than whole bottles of booze. Usually, you drink from a flask by taking a swig right from the opening, or pouring a measure out into some other cup that you might have on hand. The Shot Flask is the first flask we’ve seen that has a shot glass built right into it, allowing for much easier drinking. The shot glass is made of metal and it is collapsible, its interlocking rings stacking neatly together when it is not in use. The glass, once collapsed, it pops into a round slot the side of the flask and sits flush with the side of the container, waiting until you’re ready to use it.

I also like it because it means that when people ask to share, I can pour them a shot and they don’t need to drink right out of my flask. No cross contamination, I can control how much I serve them and I don’t look like a jerk (or an alcoholic) when I say no to them.

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