Frozen Peas Ice Cube Mold

Frozen Peas Ice Maker
Spherical ice cubes are usually the best way to chill a drink, especially if you’re starting with high quality spirit that you really want to savor. Ice spheres melt very slowly, so they allow your drink to open up without watering it down. There are all kinds of gadgets out there that allow you to make round ice cubes. Some work better than others, and the best ones are usually very expensive. This Frozen Peas Ice Mold is reasonably priced and a whole lot easier to use than most spherical ice cube makers. Shaped like a large pea pod and made of silicone, the round ice cubes become the frozen peas of the pea pod. Simply pinch the pod to open it on one side and fill it with water. The water will be trapped in the hollows and gradually freeze. When your ice cubes are set, simply squeeze the pod to pop them out and into your waiting drink.

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