Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad’s Home Bar

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it goes without saying that a high quality bottle of spirits makes a nice Father’s Day gift for a dad who likes to mix up a drink or two on a regular basis. But there are plenty of other choices for a cocktail-loving father this weekend and any one of these gift ideas will make a thoughtful present and a terrific addition to a home bar – not to mention that they will last a lot longer than that bottle of spirits, too.

Father's Day Gift Guide

A quality shaker is a must have item for mixing drinks. There are all kinds of designs out there, from silly to seriously expensive. I like to go for a traditional look and this WMF Loft Boston Shaker has a timeless design. It also comes with handy measurements on the side of the glass.

If Dad does any entertaining, a Stone Drink Dispenser will be a huge hit. This carved granite block holds one bottle of spirits and lets you pour out as much or as little as you need from the attached spout. It is a showpiece – and a functional one at that.


Pouring a drink on the rocks chills it and dilutes the spirit with just enough water to open it up and release its flavor. You don’t want the ice to water down the drink too much, and using one giant ice cube is a great way to avoid that issue. King Cube Silicone Ice Trays let you easily mold much better cubes than an ice maker can produce.

Muddling is more popular than ever now that you’ll find all kind of herbs going into cocktails, and a high quality muddle – like this classic Walnut Muddler is an elegant addition to any bar.

Labyrinth Glass

A set of nice glasses will definitely come in handy and give Dad’s drinks a touch of class. I do tend to lean towards a traditional look, but these Labyrinth Glasses have won me over. They have a classic look from afar, while offering a little bit of fun as you drink.

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