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Easy Bellini with Del Monte Fruit Cups

Del Monte Fruit Cup

Bellinis are made with peach puree and champagne – and they’re easy to make when peaches are in season and you have some on hand. When they’re not, however, you need to get a little creative with things that you might have in the pantry. When I was in a pinch one day, prepping for brunch, I had to make do with a peach fruit cup instead of the real thing – and it turned out even better than I could have hoped for. The fruit cups had peaches in light syrup, which has just the right amount of sweetness when it is all pureed together in a blender or food processor. I used Del Monte California Diced Peaches in Light Syrup, which have a really fresh taste and a syrup that is sweet but not syrupy, but you could use any brand you have on hand so that you can have bellinis any time.

I like having little bit of peach in my bellinis, so just do a coarse puree if you like a little texture and fruit in your drink. Go for a smooth puree if you like it without bits of fruit.

_DSC3821Glassware: Champagne Flute
Method: Build

Easy Bellini
2 tbsp. Peach Puree
4 oz. Chilled Prosecco

Open a cup of Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Diced Peaches and pour into a food processor and puree. Scoop two tablespoons of the puree into a champagne flute and fill with prosecco. Give it a stir and serve.

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