Early Times launches Limited Edition Hunter’s Whisky

I’m not a hunter, but have had friends who hunt and often take along a little flask of something to “warm them up” when out on a cold morning. It probably doesn’t help with their aim (though they’re not typically very successful anyway), but the tradition of warming up with a swig from a flask is one that has been around for a long, long time. Early Times Kentucky Whisky is launching a Hunter’s Edition Bottle that gives a nod to this tradition. The bottle is covered with a camouflage print and packed in a camouflage box – which will allow it to fade into the background when you’re out in the woods, but will still be easy to spot in the whisky aisle at your favorite liquor store. It’s a great gift for outdoor sports fans, though I tend to think it’s best to save the drinks until after you’re safely back indoors.

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  1. amy.pearson at 8:18 am

    I bought my husband a bottle of the early times hunting edition whiskey. he loed it and wwants more for xmas gifts. do you know where I can order and buy some more. I have looked everywhere after buyin him a bottle at Meijers, noone has it.

  2. The Barback at 4:22 pm

    Hi Amy, Since this was a limited release, there is a good chance they might be sold out already . You might want to try a local, well-stocked liquor store and see if they can order some for you.

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