Do-It-Yourself Juice to Alcohol Beverage Kit

Spike Your Juice
The Do-It-Yourself Juice to Alcohol Beverage Kit is a fun way to play around with making your own alcoholic drinks cheaply and easily at home. The kit comes with several packets of yeast that you can add to 64-ounces of the fruit juice of your choosing. Just mix, screw on the lid and allow the mixture to ferment for a few days. The yeast will feed on the natural sugars in the juice and produce a boozy, slightly carbonated beverage within a couple of days.

Getting the juice to ferment is the easy part of this kit – getting a tasty product that is good enough to show off to your friends might take a little bit of experimentation on your part because the flavor of your concoction will change dramatically as the yeast consumes the juice’s sugar. Fortunately, each kit includes six packets of yeast, so you can do several batches and experiment to see what you like best. Once you’ve combined the juice of your choice with the yeast, allow it to ferment for about 24 hours, then taste it to see how things are progressing. You’ll want to taste the mixture every few hours until you have a drink that fits the flavor profile you were looking for.

You can try the kit with any kind of juice, but you will need to start with 100% juice to get the best results. Apple, grape, peach and pomegranate are good options to start with and you can get creative from there.

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