Coffee Machine Serves Vodka, not Coffee, in Ukraine

There is a big problem in the Ukraine with illegal vodka distribution. This isn’t something that you’d see on the Discover Channel’s Moonshiners, a relatively small drop in the bucket compared to mainstream liquor distribution. Roughly 35 percent of the vodka sold in the country is illegally produced. Distributors are creative with how they make their products available and one such way was through a coffee machine that was rewired to serve up shots of vodka. For 7.50 hryvnia (about $1), you could get a shot of vodka instead of an instant espresso. The machine would also dispense juices and various mixers.

It’s definitely a clever hack in terms of drink deliveries, but the authorities were not amused at this blantant example of the illegal alcohol trade located right in the town center of Melitopol, a south-eastern Ukrainian city, and are trying to track down those responsible. It wouldn’t be surprising to see copycats spring up in the meantime.

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