Coca Cola makes new bottle out of ice

Ice BottleFew things are as refreshing as an ice cold Coke on a hot day – especially if that Coke is served up in a bottle that is made entirely of ice. The bottle is shaped like a traditional glass Coke bottle, complete with all the details you would find on the glass version. It is made in special silicone molds that are filled with micro-filtered water, frozen to -13F. The signature red label on the bottle is made of rubber, rather than plastic, making the bottle easy to grip and doubling as a bracelet you can wear after you have finished your drink and the bottle has melted. Unfortunately, this unique Coca Cola bottle is only available in Colombia, where it is being sold at the beach to cool down those enjoying the hot summer sun. Vendors are reporting sales that average 265 bottles per hour, which means that this bottle that stays “cold to the last drop” is doing its job.

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