Carry On Cocktail Kit

Carry On Cocktail Kit
When you do a lot of flying, it can be nice to treat yourself to an in flight drink or two. To be completely honest, I don’t usually drink on planes unless I happen to be flying first class or on an international flight where the drinks are free. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for the convenience of having a drink in-flight, but the options are limited and I would usually rather wait to have a real cocktail when I’m back on the ground. That being said, if I had a Carry on Cocktail Kit tucked in my carry on luggage, I would definitely reconsider.

Carry On Cocktail Kit, contents

This slick kit includes everything you need to turn a tiny bottle of the spirit of your choice into an old fashioned in just seconds. Inside the tin, you’ll find a tiny barspoon with a muddler on the back, a vial of aromatic bitters, two pouches of cane sugar and a linen coaster, which will add a little class to your cocktail even if you’re flying in coach. The kit also includes a recipe card to ensure your drink turns out perfectly. The kit can be restocked with additional sugar packets (you can even snag one from a flight attendant) if you need to make more drinks, but one good one should be enough to help you enjoy your next flight a whole lot more.

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