Calvados And Maple Syrup Cocktail

Maple syrup was always a condiment for pancakes and waffles to me – until I took a trip to Montreal. Quebec produces roughly 3/4 of the world’s supply of maple syrup and the quality and depth of flavor of the syrup I had there blew me away. When I came back, I started using maple syrup in many different applications and it found its way into many more of my drink recipes, like this Calvados and Maple Syrup Cocktail.

_DSC7349Glassware: Cocktail
Method: Shake

2 oz. Calvados
3/4 oz. Maple Syrup
3/4 oz. Lemon Juice

Pour all of the ingredients into an ice filled shaker. Shake about 30 seconds until chilled and the maple syrup is well incorporated. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

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