Breakfast + Booze in a Cheerios Cocktail

Cherrios CocktailNostalgia is always a popular driving force when it comes to food, and the comfort food movement has been going strong for many years now. Lately, chefs are also becoming interested in capturing specific flavors from childhood – not just general comfort food flavors – in their dishes. One specific example is that of cereal milk, the milk leftover after you eat a big bowl of sweet, sugary cereal, which is appearing in ice creams and cakes. But this trend isn’t limited to food and it is finding its way into cocktails, too.

StarChefs included mixologist Jillian Vose on their 2013 New York Rising Stars list for a unique cocktail featuring this Saturday-morning-cartoon staple. The drink mixes Cheerio-infused milk with rum and cognac for a cocktail named “Morning Buzz.” This definitely isn’t going to be the last creation we see with this kind of flavor profile because this trend is here to stay for a while.

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