Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware

Bloody Mary Glasses

Bloody Marys are nororously difficult to make. Actually, they are notoriously difficult to make well, as too many people over/under season theirs and leave them seeming one-dimensional. Bloody Marys should be flavorful in the same way a great gazpacho should be flavorful, and they should be easy enough to make that you aren’t stuck in the kitchen preparing them while everyone else eats brunch. This set of Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware ensures that you will be able to mix up the perfect cocktail every single time – and they will help your friends and family establish a little bit of standardization by giving them an outline to work with. The glass illustrates how much of each ingredient you need to make a good drink, from tomato juice and vodka to celery salt and Worcestershire sauce. They’re bright and colorful, so they’ll add to the artistic presentation of your drinks, as well. Don’t forget the celery!

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