Bar10Der Tool
I always have a Swiss Army knife in my pocket. It’s a set of tiny tools that has come in handy more times than I can count – and it is great to have on hand for those occasions when something unexpectedly needs to be cut or repaired. The Bar10der is like a Swiss army knife for bartenders and it is ready to handle just about any bartending emergency that you might come up against.

The Bar10der is a multi-tool that has an array of bartending tools that can be deployed with the flick of the wrist. It includes 10 different tools, as the name suggests: a muddle, standard and channel knives, a reamer, a jigger, a zester, a stirrer, a strainer, a corkscrew and – of course – a bottle opener. It doesn’t include any liquor, but as long as you have some of your own already on hand, you are set to make drinks.


This is the kind of gadget that you could keep at home, for times when you just can’t find your favorite muddle, or tuck into a car glovebox, so you have it at picnics and campsites. The bottle opener might be the tool that you reach for the most, but with so many cocktail-making tools at your disposal, you’ll probably find that your tailgating drinks might jump up a notch or two in sophistication after a couple of games with this in your pocket.

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