App Helps You Pick The Perfect Whiskey

The Distiller App

Choosing an alcoholic beverage off the shelf in a liquor store can be a daunting task, whether you’re choosing a bottle of wine or a bottle of whiskey. In a bar, you can try a glass without too much investment – even if it’s an expensive glass – and see how you like the flavor before going in for more. In the store, you’re stuck with the bottle. It’s not too hard to get ride of a bottle of wine, but whiskey takes much longer to get through and tends to be more expensive at the outset, too. The options can seem overwhelming, but the Distiller App is there to help. This app, a mobile version of the online Distiller site, is designed to guide whiskey drinkers, both newbies and more experienced connoisseurs.

The app guides you through a detailed selection process, identifying where, when and how you like to drink, then gives you a recommendation based on all that info. It also takes into consideration any of your personal preferences, if you already have a few spirits that you prefer. The tasting notes for the app are built on the backs of whiskey professionals, from bourbon bloggers to bar owners, and the app will recommend a whiskey, scotch (including single malts and blends), rye, bourbon or other type of spirit that it thinks you’ll enjoy. It’s definitely better than making a stab in the dark at the liquor store, and you can keep track of what you like and don’t like as you taste so the app can make even better recommendations the next time around.

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