Age Your Own Whisky Kit

Age Your Own Whiskey Kit
Whisky is one of those spirits that gets better with aging. It picks up color and flavor from the barrels used to age it, and longer aging often means a higher pricetag. If you want the opportunity to experiment with the idea of aging your own whiskey, you can do it at home with the help of a kit.

The Age Your Own Whisky Kit by Woodinville Whiskey Co. The kit comes with two 750 ml bottles of 110 proof White Dog un-aged whiskey and a 2 liter aging barrel, as well as a pouring funnel and two tasting glasses that are perfect for taste testing your handiwork. The aging process happens pretty quickly because of the small barrel size, so it only takes a couple of months to achieve similar results to what large barrels take years to produce. The nice thing about this kit is that it comes with a good size barrel (relative to other kits out there) and plenty of whiskey to work with, which means that you have lots of un-aged spirits and plenty of room to play around. The barrel can be reused at least five times and you can order more un-aged whiskey for additional batches.

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